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High Risk Life Insurance

High risk life insurance is reserved for those that engage in hazardous activities or have a serious health condition. Considered risky are activities like scuba diving, certain extreme sports, or certain jobs like commercial fisherman, logger, or pilot. Certain insurance companies specialize in offering life insurance specifically to those otherwise considered too risky for traditional types of polices. In these cases you will want to look at high risk life insurance. An even more expensive and limiting option is guaranteed life insurance. These drawbacks of guaranteed life insurance make it an ideal last choice. It is always advisable to explore your different options, especially for high risk individuals.

Defining “High Risk”

If you need a quote for high risk life insurance, we can help. If you have a risky job, life insurance from a speciality high risk insurance provider may be the only way to go . But before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to review your options, even if you don’t think you have many. High risk life insurance isn’t as straight forward as traditional life insurance. Don’t assume your job or pastime categorizes you as “high risk.” Not all insurance companies define “high risk” the same. By having a qualified broker assess your particular life situation, you may be able to avoid the drawbacks with a regular term insurance policy. Our network of brokers help you get the coverage you need at a price you deserve. See what thousands of Canadians have already discovered with a free quote today.

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Medical High Risk vs. High Risk Activities

If you are considered high risk due to certain health problems or conditions your premiums will be assessed differently. Serious health conditions such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes are also considered to put someone in a high risk category when it comes to getting life insurance. There is a very good chance you still qualify for coverage, you just need to know your options. Find more information about high risk medical insurance here.

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