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Choosing the right life insurance for your needs can be a tough decision; however making the right choice can protect your family for years to come. You will want to think about your spouse, children, and any other loved ones when looking into life insurance.

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Is your policy up for renewal, are you re-evaluating your coverage, or wondering if you need more life insurance coverage?

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To date, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians find the best prices for a wide variety of life insurance products. Our comprehensive comparison shopping service includes term life insurance, whole (or permanent) life insurance, universal life insurance, and disability and critical illness insurance. By comparing the entire Canadian market of life insurance providers we can offer you the best deal on your insurance.

Our method is as simple as filling out our online quote form. Then, after we receive your information, we prepare a personalized life insurance quote suited just for you. If at anytime you have a question regarding one of our policies please feel free to contact us, and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

We work with a number of reputable Canadian life insurance providers to ensure your family’s protection and future welfare are secure.

Quick Notes:

- Life insurance policies that come with your mortgage can be very expensive – we can almost always save you money on these types of policies.
- 50% of Canadians qualify for a cheaper health class rating and are therefore paying too much for their insurance. Get a quote today to save you money tomorrow.
- Some life insurance providers don’t cover smokers but we can help you get covered with our network of Canadian insurance advisors.

With something as important as life insurance, shouldn’t you be concentrating on making the right decision? Life Cover takes care of the time consuming and the difficult for you, and lets you feel confident that the decision you’re making is the right one. Contact us today by filling out our form and see how easy getting coverage can be.

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