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We are independent Canadian Life Insurance Brokers. Shop online for term life insurance quotes.  Our quotes are different - we compare premiums AND benefits for 10 of Canada's top life insurance companies.

How Much Life Insurance?

We want to maintain our family's lifestyle in the event of our premature death.  Since our lifestyle is defined by our income, our income is lost in the event of our death, and insurance is designed to replace loss....then it's our income that defines how much life insurance we need.

Best Type of Life Insurance?

Life insurance has two primary attributes – the premium and the death benefit. If we fix the death benefit, then the difference between different types of life insurance is simply the premiums, over time - and we want the cheapest life insurance we can get, over the years that we need the coverage for.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Not all term life insurance is the same, that's why we compare more than just premiums.  Our online term life insurance quotes compare premiums and renewable, convertible, the exchange option, and accelerated death benefits.  This ensures you get the best value at the best price.

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