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Everything from Term Life Insurance to Ratings in Canada

Buying Term Life Insurance Online

Be careful! Buying life insurance online is often not what it appears – you may be giving up important policy benefits.

20 Year Term Life Insurance

20 year term life insurance quotes in Canada, when to use 20 year term, and when not to.

Types of Life Insurance

Understand the differences between term, whole life, and universal life. Plus when to use each one (and when not to).

Life Insurance For Children

Life insurance for children – practical reasons why you should consider insuring your children, and the best types of policies.

Comparing Term Life Insurance Prices In Canada

Not all term life insurance is the same! Learn how to compare policies and companies, because there’s more than just premium.

Protecting Your Whole Family

Looking to insure your whole family? Find out how, and the best types of coverage for Canadians.

Guide to Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance pitfalls, and the hidden benefits your HR department won’t tell you about.

Life insurance for Senior Citizens in Canada

Looking for life insurance as a senior? Find out how much you should consider, and the best policies for your coverage.

How to Find Whole Life Insurance Comparisons in Canada

Sometimes (rarely, but it happens) whole life insurance is the best coverage for your needs. Find out more here.

Life insurance for families

Families with kids, retirees/empty nesters, Dual Income/No Kids, see the best choices for these situations.

How to choose the best life insurance for your needs

We show you how to properly determine the best type of life insurance - and it's likely not what you think.

Term life insurance vs. Permanent life insurance

What's better?  Everyone says term life insurance, but is it that simple?  Not always.

Life insurance for single parents

How much coverage and what's the best type of life insurance for single parents?  Single parents often have different approaches to life insurance than other people.

Life insurance for couples

Couples without financial dependents or young children, get the best type of life insurance coverage.

How much Life insurance for stay at home parents (moms/mothers or fathers)?

Life insurance coverage amounts are generally based on your income.  But if you're not producing a defined income - but still contributing to the family's lifestyle, how do we determine the right amount of life insurance?

Layering life insurance policies - what you need to know

Life insurance provides level coverage through the years.  But what if you need a lower amount of coverage in the future?  Layering lets you get a declining amount of coverage through the years, at the lowest cost.

Life insurance for pre-existing health conditions: Options and considerations.

What if you have health considerations? Concerned about being declined?  Often, with some knowledge we can provide coverage at strong rates, or low ratings.

Life insurance ratings - what you need to know

Rating isn't a bad word. It simply means that you're in a higher risk class, and your premiums reflect that.  Still, we want to minimize those higher premiums.  Here's how to do that.

The impact of divorce on your life insurance policy – what you need to know

Getting divorced?  What to do with your existing life insurance policy, and considerations for life insurance to cover any obligations in the future - for both parties.

Life insurance for cancer survivors

Cancer alone doesn't mean a complete decline any longer.  In fact, in many situations, Canadians who've had cancer can actually get coverage at regular premiums!  

Life insurance for young families. Why it’s crucial to have coverage.

Have a young family?  It's vital that you protect your income so that your family can continue in their current lifestyle in the event of your premature death.

Renewable and Convertible term insurance: Why do you want this?

"Term Insurance" is a mantra, but did you know that most Canadian consumers advocates don't just recommend term insurance - they specify that you should consider Renewable and Convertible term life insurance.  

Life insurance at work vs. Individual life insurance

I have life insurance at work!  Well, that's great but it's not at all the same as an individual policy.  Find out why here.

Second to die life insurance in canada (aka Joint Last to Die).

Joint last to die insurance pays on the second death of two people and is important for family inheritance purposes (i.e. family cottages).

Joint First to Die Life Insurance

Insure two people that pays a death benefit only on the first policy. Seems like it should be cheaper, and therefore better?  Turns out, not so much.

Life insurance for pilots

If you are a pilot, you know that not all flying is the same. Landing in a bush strip  in northern alberta isn't the same as driving the air bus from Toronto to Vancouver thrice weekly.  Find out the various considerations for your life insurance here.

Joint life insurance Canada

Insuring two people on one policy, with only one death benefit, read about this unique type of coverage.

Life Insurance for smokers

Find out what the considerations are, and how to keep your life insurance premiums as low as possible.

Life insurance for marijuana smokers

A few years ago the life insurance industry in Canada moved to mostly (but not always) allowing marijuana smokers to qualify at non-smoking premiums.  See the considerations in this article.

Life insurance for diabetics

Diabetes is no longer a decline in many cases.  It can vary from anywhere between a decline to regular premiums - depending on your unique situation.

Life insurance for high blood pressure

Have high blood pressure?  If we took a reading right now, would your reading be fine? And if so, do you actually have high blood pressure?  Or is your blood pressure fine but controlled with meds?  HBP is likely not anywhere near as dire as you think when it comes to life insurance.

Best term life insurance

Not all term life insurance is the same - not even close.  Some companies offer valuable free benefits, others don't.  Different terms work better for some people than others.

Term life insurance for your mortgage

Canadian consumer advocates almost universally advise consumers to get term life insurance instead of their bank mortgage life insurance.  

Term life insurance for high risk occupations

Find out how to get the lowest premiums if you're in a high risk occupation (and why you may not actually be in a high risk occupation).

Best type of life insurance – the differences and benefits of each type

Compare and contrast the different types of life insurance.

Buy Sell agreement life insurance

In a corporate partnership? If your partner passes, bad news - their shares just passed to their spouse. Now you're in business with their spouse, who just wants their cash out.  Buy-Sell Agreement life insurance fixes this problem.

Term life insurance definition

The definition of term life insurance.

Life insurance in Canada

With so much life insurance information on line being US based info - and this not being disclosed, we talk just about Canadian life insurance policies.

 Key Person Life Insurance

Protect your business from the heavy financial costs if a key employee passes prematurely.

10 year term life insurance

10 year term life insurance in Canada - what's it used for?

30 Year term life insurance

30 year term life insurance in Canada - a great product, but not well priced for everyone.

Term Insurance Exchange Option

You've probably never heard of this option - it's free on some Canadian term policies, and not available at all on others, yet it can save you up to 40% on your initial term premiums.

Accelerated Death Benefits

Another option available for free on some term life insurance policies and not at all on others - letting you access your death benefits on a term policy while still alive.

Joint last to die life insurance

Two people insured on one policy, with the death benefit paid out only after the second person passes.

Joint first to die life insurance

Two people insured on one policy, with the death benefit paid out when the first of the two people pass.